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Adeptus Mechanicus Review: Warlord Traits and HQ

Welcome back. Now let's read through the Warlord Traits and see what kind of HQ options AdMech has.

Warlord Traits

Monitor Malevolus: A chance to get back Command Points every time anyone uses a Stratagem. Very nice ability to have. It's like starting the game with extra one or two Command Points. Oh, and a single reroll for your Warlord as a minor bonus.

Magos Biologis: Reroll failed wound rolls against non-vehicles for your Warlord. Can be useful if your Warlord first shoots at some big Tyranid monster and then charges into it while swinging the Omnissian Axe or something. Situational at best.

Mechadominator: A cool name for the trait, but that's about it. More protection against enemy vehicles trying to shoot your leader.

Necromechanic: Now this one has both a cool name and a nice ability. Very useful if your Warlord is hiding behind a Knight or in the middle of a group of Dunecrawlers or Kastelans.

Chorister Technis: Poor man's Cawl. Another chance to get that Shroudpsalm.

Prime Hermeticon: It would be nice to have this for a close combat army, but how can your Warlord keep up with Sicarians? Could be useful if you run Corpuscarii Electro-Priests, as you'll get rerolls for ones in the Shooting phase and reroll everything in the Fight phase. Would be better if AdMech had any transports... Forgeworld, I'm talking to you.

Forge World Traits

(Note, these are the traits you can/should use if you want to stay true to your Forge World's lore.)

Mars: More range for your reroll bubble, yay. Cawl has to use this.

Graia: Shoot assault and rapid fire weapons even while in close combat. This benefits mostly Rangers and Vanguards, but most of them will be dead after the first Fight phase anyway.

Metalica: This is useful if your opponent tries to lock your shooty units into close combat.

Lucius: +1 to your Warlord's invulnerable save. That's 4+ for your Dominus and 5+ for Enginseers. It's nice if you have Dominus as your Warlord.

Agripinaa: Damage reduction against weapons that deal more than 1 damage per unsaved wound. But completely useless against massed bolter fire.

Stygies VIII: Die, Xeno scum!

Ryza: More strength and damage for one of the Warlord's weapons. Nice.

HQ Units

Adeptus Mechanicus is really limited in HQ choices even after the codex gave us a third (or second, if you don't play Martians) HQ unit to choose from.

Belisarius Cawl

Probably the oldest, and most brilliant, Tech-Priest alive in the Imperium. He helped the Emperor in the development of the black carapace, served as a Forge Lord, Lexico Arcanus and as Magos Biologis, and now he wants to be the Fabricator General of the Mars Forge World. Best buddies with Guilliman himself.

Cawl does everything you want. He dices, he slices, he hands out rerolls for Martians, he lets you modify the dice when rolling for Canticles, and even heals himself while doing all that. All this for mere 13 power. And that's not all! He even carries Solar Atomiser, a BFG, with him. And he makes additional 2D6 S5 close combat attacks with the Mechadendrite Hive. The only downside is that you need a Mars detachment to field him.

Tech-Priest Dominus

They are the commanders of the Cult Mechanicus, ruthless leaders of Skitarii Legions, Electro-Priesthood and Legio Cybernetica.

This is your go-to HQ character. He heals himself and can also fix Knights and other AdMech units. He gives rerolls to hit rolls of one in the Shooting phase for units near him (Knights don't get the reroll).

Omnissian Axe, which is a slightly better Power Axe.

Volkite Blaster or Eradication Ray. The latter seems like a better choice; it's Heavy D3 vs Heavy 3, but comes with AP-2, and even better AP and Damage when shooting short range.

Macrostubber or Phosphor Serpenta. The Macrostubber is a pistol weapon, so it can't be used with other weapons, but it's cheaper and has more shots.

Tech-Priest Enginseer

The engineers of the Imperium, maintaining and repairing the engines of war, and also caretakers of the machine spirits, soothing them with binaric prayers and rites.

The cheaper HQ choice for filling out the HQ requirements of battalion (or even brigade) detachments. Can fix units, but doesn't have the reroll aura, or any equipment options.

That's it for the limited HQ choices the army has. Next, the Troop choices of Adeptus Mechanicus.

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