torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Techmarine and rebasing genestealers

When inspiration hits, you have to paint. I've had this techmarine sitting on a shelf for some time now just waiting for some paint. Then few days ago I had a day off from work and I saw the techmarine there, still waiting. So I grabbed it, and started painting, and here it is, finished. The freehands are horrible, but at least I'm getting some practice with them.

Also rebased a squad of eight genestealers. They look much better on 32mm bases. These are actually one of the first Tyranid models I painted, some years ago now, so the color scheme isn't quite the same I use for my army these days.

And a rebased broodlord. Removed the sand and cork mixture and used GW's Armageddon Dust instead, like for the rest of my army.

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