maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2016

Independence Day: Apocalypse

This year, Finnish independence day coincided with our FLGS's 40k game night, so instead of staying home all day, we decided to play an apocalypse game that would eventually take the whole day to complete. We had seven players who wanted to join the game, so the players were split in two teams, four on the Loyalist team and three on the Traitor team, totaling 6000 points per team. The gaming table was 12'x4' with extra foams on center on both sides.

I took some photos during the game, but because I was using a potato to take the pictures, most of them were blurred too much. Here are all the pictures that are good enough to be published.

Dominus and his retinue hiding in ruins holding an objective. Also notice the camouflaged Vindicator tank.

Imperial Knight and Centurions in Land Raider hunting Tzaangors who were taking cover in trenches.

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